Beswerda Marktkantine

Released on:
Venom Recordings
Infinite Depth

region: world wide

Beswerda is a Dutch melodic techno dj/producer and started producing electronic music in the year 2015. After figuring out his own unique melodic sound, he makes tracks like no one else. After his first releases on Tronic and Infinite Depth he started to get more recognition by bigger artists who support his tracks constantly. A lot of his unreleased tracks are already played by artists like Tale of Us, Richie Hawtin and Kevin de Vries, which he will release in the nearby future.

In his sets he mastered to combine deep minimal with melodic techno to create a unique set you don’t hear that often. After a lot of gigs in Toffler before mayor artists he started to develop his own way of creating a special vibe. He played with artists like Mind Against and Adriatique, who also play a lot of his tracks in their sets. Now he plays in different venue’s and countries and with his upcoming releases, he is one of the artists to look out for.