About us

Harbour Agency is founded early 2020 and is based in Rotterdam. It first started off as Unfold Agency in the beginning of 2019 by Jonathan Winkelhof. It didn’t took very long before the roster to grew, so he needed more support. Januari 2020 was the kickoff with an amazing roster and with major plans.

We believe that we can support artists in their rising fase, so they can focus on producing their music and focussing on their gigs. It’s not only about music these days, so we help our artists with their strategies and profiling to become the artists they want to be.

So it is our mission to support our artists and help them develop as they grow and become more familiar in the music scene.

Our Team

Jonathan Winkelhof

Jonathan Winkelhof is the founding father of Harbour Agency. He is also known as his artist name Jonathan Hoff. He started his career in music as a dj himself. With a great passion for vinyl and minimal/microhouse he played all over The Netherlands. 

He started his own agency in 2019 called Unfold Agency. Because he believed that with the right support and management, artist can grow and become bigger. He only started to manage and book Beswerda. His agency grew fast and needed a bigger team, and decided to rebrand it to Harbour Agency in the beginning of 2020. And to help the artist more, he did a music management course so he can really manage the artists with their progress. 

With a great vision he is dedicated to take Harbour Agency to the next level.